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Reviews Are In
 for our May 2019 concert
 Centuries of Hit Parades!

"You did a tremendous job singing the broad-based repertoire!"

"Everyone seemed joyous!"

"The harmonies, were great, the chorus had great balance, and the soloists were very talented!"

"We loved your collective energy and spirit and your obvious appreciation for each other!

"The group sounded great!"

"You clearly deserve the following you have!"

"That was a well-deserved standing ovation at the end!"
A Message from our President, Laura Lerman: 

Music has always been the centerpiece of my life, so why didn't I major in music in college? The answer: because I had a bit of talent, and a lot of love for music, but not enough talent to craft a career.

But one's love of singing, and a willingness to learn, is just the beginning at the Newtown Choral Society.

We have members who can swamp me with their talent, And we have members who, like me, love music and have a bit of talent. And then there is everyone in between. 
Under the guidance of our Director, Mary Andreotta, our singing gets better, no matter where we begin. 

If this is your time to raise your voice in song for the first time, or if you haven't sung in a while but want to get back to it, please come to our January 22 rehearsal and give us a try.